The 220 Club

I was honour to be in a press conference, with the greatest, Muhammad Ali, he was there just to put on a performance for the crowd, he wore, sweats, and headgear, not to get hurt, this was just a show, and he was sparring with a few, different boxers, and when Muhammad was done, the crowd Booed, Well , Muhammad went to the referee and took the microphone, and he told the crowd, what did you want? I am only getting $250,000. For this performance, Elvis Presley was the greatest, and you paid to see him, and I am the greatest, and you will pay to see me.

About The Author

Billy Duquette

I was depressed most of the time, had none to talk to, so I had to figure things out by myself. But I was and, still positive. That’s one thing nobody can take from me. All the situations that I went through, was just another test from God, and I learnt from everyone of them. Football was violence , just what I needed. Between beaten, physical work, playing hard, one time I broke, my wrist falling off my bike, to early in the day to quit, so I didn’t say anything, just picked up my bike and kept playing, two days later, went to hospital. To find out it was broke. I was about 11 or 12 years old. Built up a high toleration to pain. And that made it easier to finish what I set out to do.  

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To deal with my frustrations, I learned to keep myself cool, I played hard, it helped me to stay calm. What everything I did that was important to me. My tenacity would kick in and I would not stop, till done right. I was quiet for the most part.



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